I am currently on a major perfume binge, trying to use up as many old perfumes as I can before I allow myself to use 'my precious' (Gollum voice optional) Marc Jacobs Daisy. The reason for this purge was pretty much the dawning realisation that I'm turning into a total hoarder and in a few years I fully expect to be tunnelling in and out of my home due to the sheer volume of 'stuff' I've acquired. Mostly clothes. But also books, toiletries, soft furnishings and bric-a-brac. It's the stuff of nightmares.

 So...I'm trying to use things up rather than letting them sit pretty. Expect me to post a link to my ebay on here some time soon as I'm hoping I can sell a few bits rather than just giving it all away. No more buying new things until I can shift some of this lot. In the meantime, Daisy awaits use. I managed to snag this beaut of a gift set in the sale at Boots, with a money off perfume voucher on top to boot! Yay for bargains.



 Hat -Primark // Shirt, shoes and jeans - H&M //

I know I've said it before, but I'm really drawn to simple tailored shirts as they can easily make a casual run-around-town outfit a bit smarter, or at least make it look like you've made an effort! Teamed with black jeans, pointed flats and a felt hat and that's one easy-breezy outfit.



Mule Madness

My obsession with mules knows no bounds... I now have 3 pairs where last year I had none. A couple of years ago I would not even have considered mules as an option. They are most definitely a 90's throwback, worn with paisley print dresses, double denim and too-dark lip liner. I always associated them with try-hard mums. Alas, there is something so satisfying about the modern breed of mule... a chunky heeled, graphic, block-strap mule with a cheeky sling-back in jet black or sandy nude....sigh! Here's a few more I'm lusting after (click on the picture for links)...What do you guys reckon? Love them or hate them?



 Dungarees, Shirt and Sandals - all Primark // Bag - Urban Outfitters
 // Sunglasses - Topshop

I knew I had to buy into the denim dungarees trend this Summer, and this cheeky little pair from Primark were spot on the money. Not only do they look almost exactly the same as several pairs in Urban Outfitters, Topshop et all, but they were only £13.
Now, do we agree the main problem with dressing in dungarees is always going to be the tendency to look like Prince George's doppelganger? Don't get me wrong, there is nothing generally amiss about looking like a cute, tubby-cheek toddler...but there are days when you want to throw on your dungarees and look cool, casual...and grown-up.
For me, teaming them with a ladylike shirt, neat accessories and a tan is key to dressing up dungaree shorts, but equally a little crop top or bikini top at the beach will ensure laidback holiday vibes. C'est chic!



                                      Jumper  - H&M // Jeans - New Look // Boots - F&F 

 I'm not sure that I know how to dress myself these days. It's Summer - I want to be prancing around in floaty dresses and tasseled shorts, flowers in my hair, tan on my skin, sandals firmly on feet. Instead I'm wearing jumpers and jeans with boots. Crikey. Things better pick up soon or I'm going on strike. 
Luckily I can still enjoy my favourite past time of day trips to beautiful old manor houses in Somerset (as long as an umbrella and raincoat are packed). Happy Summer people!



 Although it already feels like a distant dream, I can't stop myself from posting a few pictures from Glastonbury. It really was the craziest, maddest, wildest, debauched.... and most rad week I've had in a long time. It was well worth getting there on the Wednesday evening in order to actually find somewhere to set up camp, as pretty much everywhere was packed! Thursday was spent chillling above the tipi fields (so staying in one of them next year), wandering around the green future fields (hippies galore) and soaking up the sun. 

 Friday night was the ethereal Florence and the Machine on the Pyramid stage, replacing Foo Fighters, as everyone knows, Dave Grohl broke his leg. I was really looking forward to rocking out to the Foo's but Florence was amazing too. We followed this up by heading to Croissant Neuf for some skanking to a ska band that I've completely forgotten the name of!

On Saturday we got our faces did at one of the glitter stations. I swear from then on I've just wanted to wear face paint and glitter every fricking day. I can't get enough of the stuff. This was also the night we went to see Yeezus. Yeah, so the less said on that the better...

 Sunday was our last night, so of course we had to go out on a high... Lianne La Havas was an absolute highlight of the day, if not week, followed up by Chemical Brothers doing their thang over on the Other Stage. A quick walk over to Arcadia saw us take in the spectacular Metamorphis, in all it's techno-alien-spider finery. After gorging on pizza we headed to Shangri-La, The Common, Block 9, The Unfairground and Glasto-Latino to rave it up in their myriad of mini-clubs and gigs. One of my personal favourites was The Cave, a club that was accessed by waterfall in the meso-american style Glasto-Latino, but to be honest, it was all pretty god-damn awesome. Til next year Glasto!