I've been thinking a lot more about home decor recently as I will be moving out of my current flat next month and looking for somewhere new! It's quite exciting and I'm looking forward to starting afresh, having a good clear out, a bit of a spring clean and making a different space my own.

I won't lie, this decision was based on the fact that I need to save more money, and I simply couldn't afford to keep on living in my nice flatshare, whilst living a full social life and being able to buy myself nice things every now and then. My decision on where I live has always been based on comfort, whereas now I think I'm more open to living somewhere perhaps a bit rougher around the edges, but that way I can afford to go out more and do the things I want to do without feeling restricted by funds.

This collage is therefor a bit of a daydream as I won't be buying a £1000 rug, abstract coffee table or expensive driftwood art. But I can make subtle changes to make my living space feel more homely. I think adding plants is a great way of breathing life into a drab room, especially in a rental or houseshare. It's also a great way of feeling more connected to nature whilst in the city. As a country girl at heart I always find myself craving the therapeutic relaxation and refreshment of the great outdoors, but this way I can bring some of those positive vibes into my living space for less than a tenner. At the moment I'm thinking of buying an exotic palm or yucca plant to join my orchid and succulent terrarium and I'm also searching for an air plant for a D.I.Y project.
 Speaking of D.I.Y. - why not head to the beach and pick up a load of driftwood to create your own art installation? Smaller pieces would look great arranged around a vase and glued in place or you could arrange and drill pieces together to hang on a wall as a statement piece.

I hope this collage has given you come ideas and inspiration as well!



I decided to do a little travel diary blog post about my last trip up to London in January. I love the fact that I can jump on a train and be in London in 2.5 hours, but I'm not so sure my wallet agrees, seeing as there's such a multitude of things to do, see and spend money on! On this latest weekend trip I caught a train on Sunday morning and met up with a friend at the Natural History Museum, which is an old favourite, to check out the Wildlife Photographer of the Year gallery. I usually visit this exhibition every year since catching it in Bristol in a few years back and it always inspires me to think about travelling the world and seeing some of this wildlife myself in the flesh.

After a little walk about South Kensington and some late lunch/dinner and coffee we headed off to Aldgate East for a Jack the Ripper Tour, which sounds very macabre I know but it was so interesting, and it was actually quite chilling walking over the spots where his poor victims were found. Not for the fainthearted - but if you're like me and want to know more about the intrigues and theories surrounding the case then it is a must. I've been wanting to do the tour for years but never found time or was with the right people whilst up in London, so I'm really glad we had the chance to check this out. London Ghost Walk next!

After the tour we had some drinks at a nearby pub in Spitalfields before hunting down somewhere to grab some food at midnight (surprisingly difficult in the Shoreditch area!). After a lot of walking we eventually found our saviour - somewhere serving food 24hrs - and as we were absolutely famished we then proceeded to tuck into monstrous portions of fries, and burgers bursting at the seams, before bedding down in Shoreditch for the night.

The next morning we had time for a cafe breakfast before heading to the Warner Bros Harry Potter studios in Leavesdon. It was about a 40 minute train ride from London Euston and there's regular buses to take you the rest of the way to the studios. I am definitely a self-confessed Harry Potter nerdette and feel like I might as well have grown up at Hogwarts with HP and all his wizardly friends. This totally made my year and I so almost bought a Gryffyndor cape to skulk about in it at home. Seeing all the sets, props, animatronics and costumes from the films was magical, the butter beer was supreme (what is the recipe????) and I am going to stop talking now. Just go. You won't regret it.



 Hat- ASOS // Jeans, Jumper & Boots  - Primark // Bag - Topshop //
Coat - Charity shop

Happy Valentines Y'all! I hope you all get to spend the day with someone you love! Personally I don't really get it - it's far too consumerist and materialistic now when it should just be about appreciating your special someone - and hopefully that's something we do all year round - not just on one particular day. I mean, thinking about it logically,  I'd much rather be treated like a princess consistently rather than wait a whole year for Valentines Day!!!

Anyway, putting aside my skewed and slightly selfish logic regarding V Day, and on to the outfit... I've gone a bit 'fifty shades' doolally recently, well a lot of my outfits at the mo are leaning towards at least five different shades of grey! I even went so far as buying a new grey nail polish, wearing grey tights and chanting Christian Greys name (ok not that last bit). Heavens forbid I don't need any more nail polish! I can't wait to see the film with my work friends, probably not until next week so I'll just have to contain my excitement until then. When are you guys going to see 50 Shades? Would you prefer to watch it with your man or a group of friends?



This was my latest little D.I.Y project, using the polaroid style photos of our holiday in Barcelona to make these cute collages. I bought a couple of dark wood frames for 50p each in a charity shop and painted them off-white with one of those little paint tester pots you can get in hardware shops - they usually come with a brush in the lid as well so it was really easy and simple to do and I didn't need anything other than some newspaper to protect my work area! I re-used some map print tissue paper as the background in each frame and then just arranged my favourite polaroid snaps on top.

In the second frame I had a picture of my sisters and I in Gaudi's Casa Batlo. Whilst I was at it, I also framed this Silvia Calle illustration that I bought back in Barcelona - everyone says that it is basically me! Its really important to me to have pictures of my friends and family dotted around the place - it reminds me of all the wonderful times I've spent with them and makes me appreciate them so much. I'm so lucky to have such a lovely family.



Despite the fact that I actually cannot afford to go shopping at the moment, I haven't let that stop me, and January was just one long spending spree. I picked up these boots from Tesco for a tenner -which obviously I couldn't say no to, the pretty lace bra was also a tenner from H&M, the skirt was £20 from Missguided and the chainmail handpiece from Free People was my only sale buy reduced from £40 to £5 on the website! Now I'm no big fan of sales - all those mismatched clothes jammed together on rickety rails like a jumble sale - ugh! - not very visually appealing - but if you can get a bargain like that then count me in.

The Seventeen lipsticks were on offer in Boots at 2 for £6, and I couldn't resist adding a couple of nude shades to my collection. I also picked up a pretty new 2015 diary from Paperchase - I'm pretty sure everyone loves cute stationary!


These Boots Were Made For Walking

 Jumper & Jeans - Primark // hat - ASOS // Boots - Shoezone

As soon as I saw my sister wearing these faux Timberland hiking style boots, from cheapy shoe shop Shoe Zone no less, I knew I had to have a pair. They are just incredibly practical and damnnit I get a lot of use out of them. Perfect for lazy Sunday walks in the country, and on cold icy days I can layer up the socks in them to keep my toes cosy. For £15 they're hardly breaking the bank too. The only problem is stopping myself from going back and nabbing them in the grey and tan colour ways as well!