Fresh White

 Sandals and clutch - New Look // Jeans and shirt - Primark // 

I was glad when I found this chiffon style white shirt in Primark as it's such a versatile piece and can be worn with anything to make it look a bit more dressy than a plain tee. I wanted to go for a whole white outfit here before realising there was a fundamental flaw in my plan - I don't own any white jeans or indeed a white skirt. I do have a pair of white linen shorts - so maybe next time!

Today I'm taking my Nokia phone to a repair shop where hopefully they can get the screen replaced. I bought a DIY kit off Amazon but I can't get the last screw out which is a pain as it means that I've effectively fallen at the first hurdle. Hopefully they can fix it for me and I can get back to my beloved Instagram - oh how I've missed it!



Just a few more pictures from my birthday and time at Centre Parcs. Look at this cute little family of ducks who came to our lodge every morning for feeding time! They were so tame you could feed them by hand and pick them up. There was also a cheeky squirrel who came into the living room to look for food - I know that would be some peoples nightmare but we thought it was quite cute actually.

Whilst there we went for a birthday lunch at Cafe Rouge, where I had the calamari for starter and butternut & sage ravioli for mains - both lip-smacking delicious!

Back at home I was thrown a little surprise birthday party and supplied with not one but three chocolate cakes from various different people and I was gifted some lovely presents - my favourites, pictured above, being the Benefit They're Real Mascara, Origins Super Spot Remover, Ecotools, Next L'eau Rose and lots of sweet treats. All in all it was a lovely birthday week.


My Centre Parcs Stay

At the begginning of last month I went away to Centre Parcs at Longleat to celebrate my birthday with some close gal pals. I'd been to a Centre Parcs once before when I was a teen, but I was so looking forward to going back as they have so many fun sports and activities to take part in. We stayed in a 3 bed lodge for 4 nights which I think was around £400 if I recall correctly, so split between us it wasn't very much at all!

We were so impressed with the lodge and it's facilities, it was nicely decorated and had a big chalkboard with a colourful message written on by the cleaner welcoming us to the Parc, which we later used to draw up our schedule of events for the week. I drove us all there, so the girls allowed me to have the double bedroom with a T.V, but the twin bedrooms were all  good size too, with hairdryers and dressing tables. We loved the huge corner sofa in the open plan living room, and it had a stylish tree-print wallpaper along one wall. The kitchen had every mod-con you could think of and we even had a Henry Hoover! It was the perfect place to crash out at night after all our exhausting activities.

I wish I could show you pics of the lodge, but my phone fell out of my pocket and the screen shattered on the floor, so until I get it fixed I can't access those particular pics. I'm such a clutz... but that just feels like really bad luck as I'd only had the phone for a couple of months and before that I'd had so much trouble with EE/Orange about my contract...it feels like the whole thing is more hassle than it's worth. Maybe I should make a stand and go mobile-free (...or maybe not)!

Anyway I did get some pics from my regular camera of the lake where we went stand-up paddle boarding and hired a pedalo. I love SUP - it's so much fun! It really works loads of muscles too. We also played tennis, badminton (love!), crazy golf (got to do it), ten-pin bowling (I'm rubbish at it), went paintballing, and spent a lot of time in the sub-tropical swimming paradise and the rapids in particular! We spent one afternoon at the AQUA SANA Spa which was lovely and relaxing...definitely one of the better spas I've been to as it has 15 different 'experience rooms'. My fave was the Japanese Salt Steam Bath, and it even had a Zen garden, as well as the more traditional saunas.

The Parc is car-free so you either hire bikes or walk everywhere (as you can imagine, it's a big site) but I enjoy walking so that doesn't bother me. Next time I might hire a bike though. Hopefully next time won't be too distant in the future, I had such a good time that I started thinking about when I could go back as soon as I got home! They have a new park just outside London too, Woburn Forest. Worth checking out if you want a staycation with lots of fun things to do.

Also, check out my bday cake! It was layers of pink and red meringue with cream, blueberries and strawberries in between - AMAZING!



Last Summer Part 2

Hi all! Hope everything is fine and dandy with you guys! I know I've been slack and haven't posted for a while so without further a due here is part  2 of my favourite outfits from last Summer. Tell me if you like 'em! xxx


Forget Me Not

Hat - Urban Outfitters // Skirt - H&M // Top - Tesco //
Boots - garage shoes // jacket - Forever 21

 I love wearing this cobalt blue skirt as it just packs such a punch and can be worn with so many different tops, my only issue with it is that the underskirt is so tiny and see-through that I have to wear another skirt underneath that! Another good thing about this skirt is that it looks awesome with flats or heels, sandals or boots, the options are endless! Hope you're all having a great weekend, I've just got back from wireless festival in London so I'll try and post some pics soon. Now trying to decide what to do with my Sunday, bike ride along the canal or walk in the country?? Hmmmm, what to do.....


Last Summer Part 1

Since I realised that I didn't get round to posting a 2013 outfit recap at all, and seeing as it's a bit late for that now, I thought I'd just sum up some of my fave outfits from last summer. Just looking at these pics gets me excited for all the nice clothes I'll be wearing this year, it also makes me think about how my style has evolved and what suits me best. Whilst it's fun to try 'young' trends, I've got more of an idea of what my style is and what I feel most confident and comfortable in. I know that monochrome suits me down to the ground but a fun pop of colour lifts my skin tone, I love getting my legs out and I'm leaning more towards classic cuts and shapes and statement accessories rather than busy outfits. How do you guys feel about summer dressing? Love it or hate it? Does your personal style change at all?


G.C Photo Diary 7

 Dress - Asda // Sandals - River Island // hat - urban outfitters