Jean Paul Gaultier

 A few pictures from the fantastic Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the Barbican. It really was such an impressive and extensive display of his work. I've been to a lot of fashion and haute couture exhibitions in recent years but none of them could be compared to this exhibit. The fact that the mannequins had moving and talking faces projected onto them was a little creepy at first but the initial shock at a talking mannequin soon gave way to amazement and joy at such a fun, interactive exhibit. I enjoyed all the different themed sections: nautical, punk, rococco, bondage, tribal, native american and world traveller influences split over 2 large floors. Above are some of my favourite designs from the display!


Mellow Yellow

Top - Topshop // Shorts - New Look // Hat - Urban Outfitters

Currently enjoying the beautiful sunshine that September has to offer - it still feels like we've got a few more weeks of it left and I can get away with skimpy outfits like this for a bit longer! I love this vest from Topshop, it was only £6, but I've struggled to style it in outfits and soon I'll have to pack it away till next year. Brainstorming outfit session coming up me thinks!



Top - Boohoo.com // Bag - Topshop // Shorts - New Look //
Boots - Garage Shoes

OLA!!! I've just got back from Barcelona this weekend, but it will be a while before I upload piccies as I'm soooo far behind on outfit posts, it's not even funny. It's a beautiful city with a lot to see and do but I won't go into detail now - I'll wait till I can actually show you pictures of what I got up to. At the moment I've got that dreaded 'back to work' sinking feeling in my stomach, plus a mountain of college work to finish by a next Sunday deadline - help.

Until then I leave you with outfit pictures I took last month(?) from a little local festival. How do we feel about booties in Summer? Stylish or just sweaty?! 

Hope you're all well my dears!!! I've certainly missed not being able to check my favourite blogs this week!



Sun Worshipper

Bikini - Topshop // Shorts - New Look // Sandals - River Island // Sunglasses - H&M

I love the fact that the whole of August was pretty much a complete wash-out and now right at the end we get a bit of sun...typical! Pretty much every scattering of sun we've had recently I've taken full advantage of and whipped out the deck chair! Can you blame me? When you work in a shop all day and can't even go outside for lunch you do start to feel a bit cooped up. The next week is supposed to be lovely weather in the UK so enjoy it whilst it lasts! I however will be in Barcelona which I'm really looking forward to, from everything I've seen and heard about it it looks a wonderful city. But I bet when I get back home the weather will revert to type: windy, wet, cold and cloudy. 
On a side note, I was a bit unsure whether to put these pictures up - is a bikini really an outfit? - Oh well, enjoy the sun my lovelies xxx


Park Life

 Just a few pictures from our lovely day out at Longleat Safari Park...it was sooo much fun - especially hand feeding the deer from the car, they were so cute and boy were they hungry. The way the giraffe have to do the splits just to graze on the grass is just toooo adorable! I was terrified of driving through the monkey enclosure but luckily the car came out unscathed. Also the house and gardens are really beautiful...I loved it in that episode of Made in Chelsea when Mark Francis and Victoria take Binky to Longleat House to counsel her over the Mytton cheating drama! All in all a lovely day out!