Recipe: Strawberry Daiquiri

 This summer I really got into making my own cocktails. A lot of them were experiments - just randomly combining ingredients, but I did some traditional ones as well and made sure to take pictures so I could share them here on le blog! I don't have a cocktail shaker or strainer so generally I just improvised. It may be a bit out of season but I think we can enjoy cocktails no matter what the weather! Here is the recipe for this delicious strawberry daiquiri:

Serves 1

handful of ice
dash of white rum
handful of fresh strawberries
teaspoon of sugar
lime soda water
teaspoon lime juice

1. Combine the ice, strawberries and sugar in a blender. Add the lime juice, soda water and rum and blend until smooth.
2. Pour into glasses with a sugar rim (wet the glass rim then roll it in sugar to stick). Garnish with a strawberry and slice of lime (and a paper umbrella of course).


Barcelona Travel Diary Day 1

 Finally I've put together a post on my travels in Barcelona! In the first day alone we took in La Sagrada Familia, the amazing masterpiece of  Barcelonin architect Antoni Gaudi, followed by a walk up to the beautiful Park Guell and a little bit of shopping along the way. There's such a wealth of things to see and admire in Barcelona, and the warm weather made it perfect for just wandering around. The metro system is also really easy to navigate. Although I went to Barcelona with 2 others, I would be happy to go back on my own one day as it was so easy to get around. Day 2 of the travel diary will be coming up soon!


London Diary Part 2

 Kimono - New Look // Skirt - H&M // Top - F&F //
Bag - Urban Outfitters

On our second day in London we hit up South Kensington, enjoying savoury pancakes for lunch, stopping at the Royal Geographical Society for a photography exhibition and an iced coffee, before mooching past Imperial College London (where my dad attended uni many moons ago) up to Hyde Park. As you can see from the pictures the weather was perfect for it! I heart London.


London Diary Part 1

Shirt - Zara //Shorts - bershka // Sandals - River Island

Hey guys! Just a few shots from way back when I went to stay with a friend in London for a couple of days. We went to the Sensational Butterflies temporary exhibit at the Natural History Museum, which we so nearly missed, but I'm glad we made it as they were beautiful! One of the butterflies actually landed on my friends face which was obvs hilar - it really didn't want to leave her... and then afterwards we got "tattoos" with the butterfly stamp for kids! We came out with frizzy hair from the humidity but it was all good fun.