A little bit of make-up talk today as I desperately need some advice on a new foundation... I've been using mineral powder for the last 5 years or so but I decided to switch it up recently and try a fluid foundation, which I was a bit apprehensive about because I had visions of troweling it on to my face, rather than subtly building up coverage like I did with my Bare Faced Beauty Mineral Foundation Powder. Anyway I bit the bullet and splashed out on Max Factor Face Finity All Day Flawless, which is amazingly mattifying and lasts all day as well as priming, concealing etc etc. Only problem is, like a dimwit, I bought it in completely the wrong shade. Sad face. I thought I was being so careful, testing out shades in Boots and Superdrug before choosing Warm Almond. Alas it is not to be, as it turns out my skin is not warm or almondy. In fact this is several shades too light for me. I look like a ghost.

 I've always felt my skin has a bit of a yellowy tinge to it, whereas I find a lot of foundations I've tried have a red/pink base, if this makes sense at all. So.... I've been getting by the last few weeks by blending Face Finity with a darker Rimmel BB cream to get approximately the right shade, which frankly seems insane, and I'm quickly losing patience with it.

Whats a girl to do? Obviously I have to splash out a bit more on a new foundation in the right shade. This is where you guys come in, can you recommend one for me? I've heard L'Oreal Infallible 24hr Matte is pretty amazing, but god damnit, why is it so hard to try out testers in drugstores?!?!? There must be an easier way to do it (in the comfort of your own home perhaps?) Does anyone know of such an initiative? And if you do, hook me up pronto!



 Hat & Trainers - Primark // Jumper - H&M // Jeans- New Look 

Summer is almost here -  it's so tantalizingly close yet also obscenely far away - and the last few weeks we've been stuck with that temperamental kinda weather that just can't make up it's mind - one minute it's raining, the next it's sunny. Yep it's that dreaded transitional weather between Spring and Summer when you really don't know whether to leave the house without a coat or brolly or both. It's also the time when you have to slowly ease yourself from boot-clad feet to pumps, trainers and (gasp!) sandals. I sure felt a spring breeze on my feet when I ventured out in these trainers the other day, which was a little unnerving, and almost sent me scurrying back to the warmth and comfort of my trusty boots! Summer better hurry up!



 Hat - primark // Top - Topshop // Skirt- Missguided //
Boots - F&F

Happy Sunday! Today was one of those days where you pop into town to take an item of clothing back and end up buying 5 replacement items...including a pair of denim dungaree shorts which I can't wait to style up. I think this is the first blog outing for the faux croc skin Missguided skirt and whilst I do love it, it has an annoying tendency to ride up, and the fabric along the seam at the back gets stuck between my legs. Not impressed face. It's just warm enough now to wear skirts and shorts with NO TIGHTS, consequently it's time to get some fake tan on these pins (as the DM would say). Can anyone recommend a good brand/product? xo




Seeing as I have now paid off the remainder for my Glastonbury tickets at the beginning of this month, I'm allowing myself to get excited about the whole experience and start planning my festival wardrobe. So I thought I'd do a few little collages of festival style to give myself some inspiration. I'm quite picky about what I'm going to wear as usually if I was going camping I would go for absolute comfort but seeing as this is a festival, I still want to look and feel nice. I'm not sure what items I'm going to take, but whatever I do I will create a capsule wardrobe of items that can be worn together. I'm a Glasto' newbie, so I'm a little bit apprehensive about the volatile weather, mud, footwear, not to mention the loos and showers!
Obviously wellies are going to be an essential, but I also thought a blanket cape might be a good idea for chilly evenings... even a faux-fur gilet might go down a treat.
Fringing and crochet gives a bohemian vibe, as do cream, brown and tan shades - though I'm not too sure if it's a wise idea to wear cream clothing to a festival that's infamous for it's mud. Crochet bralets and crop tops have been everywhere recently, a backpack will be a good idea for carrying all my essentials around, and a hat to keep off the (hopefully) sun. A few fun accessories - hairwraps, beaded necklaces, gold bracelets - will finish off any outfit.

Are you guys going to any festivals this year? what are your essentials?



 Joggers - Zara // Top - New Look // Bag - Topshop //
Trainers - Primark

I think I've divulged my National Trust addiction here on the blog before, but it seriously is an obsession of mine to go and look around pretty historic houses, manors and castles, ogling all the antique tapestries, furniture and interiors, before taking in the glorious landscaped gardens in all their beauty. Luckily the South West is scattered with beautiful National Trust properties and spring is such great time to visit as all the trees sprout new leaves and the flowers in the gardens start to blossom. Seeing as I had a few days off over Easter I thought I'd use the time to visit a few places in Devon and Cornwall that I haven't been to before with my familia, including the house featured in this post, Cotehele. After nosing round the house we walked down the hill to the quay before stopping for a delicious cream tea with chocolate chip scones - arguably the best thing about a National Trust day out is the obligatory visit to the cafe & restaurant!!

The weather was a bit hit and miss that day so I went for casual joggers, trainers and backpack for comfort. This is the first time I've worn these khaki joggers, despite buying them in the Zara sale a month ago for £9.99. It was a bit too cold to wear such thin trousers last month, and I struggled to style them up into outfits as they didn't look quite right with boots, but I know that as soon as summer sets in I'll get loads of use out of them, teamed with sandals and a crisp white shirt or for a night out with strappy heels and a crop top!



 Vest & Jeans - New Look // Trainers & Jumper- Primark //
Bag - Topshop // Sunglasses - H&M

Happy Belated Easter! Hope everyone had a nice break? I've been staying with fahhhmily in the country and I've taken a couple of days off work too, so it's been a very lovely, leisurely easter break... and I hit the jackpot with the weather too. Two straight days of blue skies and sunshine so far. Happy girl here. 
The only problem is knowing what to wear with the rather limited clothes that I packed for my stay - when I say limited I mean a big weekend bag and several more shopping bags stuffed with clothes!! I don't know the meaning of packing light. And still, I get myself into a tizz in the morning throwing outfit options all over the bedroom floor and inevitably changing my mind at the last minute, just before heading out the door. 

My issue with wearing white jeans was always the worry about staining them, however I've worn these beauties thrice now (once for dinner, once for shopping in town and the third time for a walk around a National trust house and garden) and not a food or mud stain in sight! I watch them like a hawk though, at the first sight of a mark I will be on it with my stain removal spray and a damp cloth!
I was actually thinking about cutting these jeans at the knee to get that lived in, care-free feel. It's just my personal preference, but what do you reckon?



 Happy 1st of April! I'm so excited for the Easter weekend...thinking of all the food, family time and fun things to do! Bring it on. I'm heading over to my parents house for near on a week which I cannot wait for. Spring is such a lovely time to be in the country. What are your plans this weekend? Going anywhere nice? 

Anyway back onto the topic of this post, which is essentially the clothing part of my Spring shopping haul. I'm still very much into monochrome so what better way to refresh my wardrobe with than a very wearable pair of white jeans - now I've always avoided these as I never thought I could pull it off (and I'm the kinda gurl who spills food all over herself) but I thought, what the hell, go for it - they're only £20 so hardly breaking the bank. I bought a Zara pair at first but had to take them back as they're just so bloody long (does anyone else have this issue with zara jeans?  - I haven't got legs up to my armpits you know!). I can't wait to team them with my black and white trainers from Primark (yessss!) and any one of the new tops I bought. 

 The grey woven vest is also New Look, the stripy t-shirt and jumper and white vest are Primark. the black pumps and striped oversized shirt are H&M. These will be good for workwear during the summer, but I love the sleek look you get from a classic shirt, and the pointed toe of the pumps brings them up to date (lord knows I would not wear round toe ballet pumps these days! Not just me surely?). In general I'm not a big fan of flat pumps as they are almost too flat and I don't think they can be good for our feet, especially when we're pounding the pavements, last summer I wore a pair of classic black penny loafers that I'd had for about 5 years from trusty Primark, but I sent them to shoe heaven when the heel broke, so we shall see if these replacements 'step into their shoes' as such.