Hat and Jeans - Primark // Boots - F&F // Top - Topshop

Hope y'all had a lovely and relaxing Sunday...I did a big shop today which you will see the results of soon I'm sure. Picked up a few of the bits in my spring stripes wishlist so I'm a happy girl - but may have to head back into town on my day off on Wednesday to hit up a few more shops. Torture, I know. 
Has anyone else been watching Poldark? It's become my Sunday night ritual to sit down in front of the telly and admire the handsome Aidan Turner - I'm pretty sure he is the only reason anyone is watching it. What a stunner. I'll be sad when the series ends and he's no longer part of my Sunday night!




Now that the weather has picked up a bit, I'm starting to think about packing away some of my heavier winter items and start afresh with a new lighter spring wardrobe. I've been quite good recently, giving bin bags of old clothes to charity, and I haven't been on a proper clothes shopping spree since January. So I feel like I'm due a splurge, but rather than just buying whatever takes my fancy, I'm creating a shortlist of things that I know I will definitely wear. A striped shirt will be incredibly versatile: good for work and play. Ditto the flat black pumps. A pair of monochrome trainers has been on my wish list for a while, but this depends on whether I can get a reasonably priced pair (wish I could afford the Nike ones but don't see this happening in real life!). Breton tops are just so wearable, I may look for a fine-knit one that will see me through Spring and Summer.
The big splurge on my wishlist is the Sony A5000 compact system camera - after much umming and ahhing over whether to get this or a Nikon/Canon starter DSLR, I think I've decided this might be the one. Does anyone else have experience with this camera? Can you recommend it or alternatively a starter DSLR? I will be using it mainly for outfit photos and holiday photography, and potentially for travelling later this year, so I want something not too heavy and easy for a technophobe!



Jacket and Leggings - H&M // Skirt - Zara // Boots - F&F //
Roll neck - Topshop //

It feels like I haven't blogged in an age - when really it's more like a week - but I've been a bit preoccupied what with moving house and all, and I'm just starting to get back into a routine now. So last week was majorly stressful... I had to secure a new place to live, put down a deposit and first months rent, pack up all my shit, go to work and try to act normal when really I felt like I was falling to pieces, get my car fixed after the exhaust just dropped off, move all my packed up shit from one house to another, meet my new housemates (who could have been nutters for all I knew) and call in a favour to get my bed moved.
At times I felt like I was putting myself through unnecessary anxiety and stress, but it all feels like it was worth it now that I'm settled in a nice room in a new house with a lovely bunch of girls and saving myself some money in the long term. Hooray! Maybe I just won't think about moving again for a while....

 As you can see, battling with the weather a bit here in these outfit shots. Gah! - blogging problems, I can't wait till the weather settles down a bit more. The skirt is a new purchase from the Zara sale for about £5.95 if I recall rightly. Its a little bit clingy, but I love the wrap over front and it should be great for Summer too.



Heels & Jeans - Primark // Rollneck - Topshop

How mad is the weather at the mo? I can't keep up with all the changes...rain, sleet, hail, snow, sunshine and clouds and now 17 degrees temps?!! It was gorgeous barbecue weather on Saturday, which was moving day for me, so I was shifting heavy boxes and bin bags of clothes back and forth rather than being sat in the sun enjoying a Pimms, but nevermind, I'm in my new home now and I couldn't be happier!

This outfit is from last weekend when I went for dinner and cocktails with my girls. Nice and casual but the cut-out heels give it an edge and - surprisingly - I didn't get cold toes. Winner.



 I picked up a few new bargain beauty products whilst in town last week that I've been dying to share. I've wanted to try the iconic Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream since pretty much forever, so I was super stoked to find the skin protectant cream only £2.99 in Savers. It smells heavenly, I'm just using it as a lip balm at the moment but it can be used pretty much all over the body or face on those rough dry patches. I also picked up these Naked shampoo and conditioner bottles for £1 each. My mum uses this stuff as it's 97% natural and I might have nicked it off her a couple (!) of times, so I'm happy to have found it so cheap and can't wait to start using it regularly. The shea butter handcream was also only £1 so here's hoping its as good as the L'Occitanne one!

I also grabbed an argan hair oil and ibiza honey tanning mousse from Poundland just to try it out and see if it's any good (sometimes I see the St. Moritz tanning products in there and I've heard good things about that brand). I must be into spoiling my hair at the moment because I also bought an Umberto Giannini Dazzle Shine kit for £5 half price from Boots and an Argan Oil leave in hair treatment from Primark for £4! I'll let you guys know which products I get on with and which ones are a big no-no once I've tested them all more thoroughly! What new beauty products have you treated yourself too lately?



Hat - ASOS // Jacket and Jumper - H&M // Jeans - Primark //
Boots- Shoe Zone 

Happy Sunday, 1st day of March! Time is flying by and it's starting to feel more spring-like outside -thank god - it's about time we have a break from this bleak greyness and enjoy some sun instead!!
I'm so looking forward to lighter outfits, sandals, sunhats and bikinis - bring on Summer!
Until then I will continue to bundle up against the harsh wind in layers upon layers of cosiness. Have a great Sunday loves x




I've been thinking a lot more about home decor recently as I will be moving out of my current flat next month and looking for somewhere new! It's quite exciting and I'm looking forward to starting afresh, having a good clear out, a bit of a spring clean and making a different space my own.

I won't lie, this decision was based on the fact that I need to save more money, and I simply couldn't afford to keep on living in my nice flatshare, whilst living a full social life and being able to buy myself nice things every now and then. My decision on where I live has always been based on comfort, whereas now I think I'm more open to living somewhere perhaps a bit rougher around the edges, but that way I can afford to go out more and do the things I want to do without feeling restricted by funds.

This collage is therefor a bit of a daydream as I won't be buying a £1000 rug, abstract coffee table or expensive driftwood art. But I can make subtle changes to make my living space feel more homely. I think adding plants is a great way of breathing life into a drab room, especially in a rental or houseshare. It's also a great way of feeling more connected to nature whilst in the city. As a country girl at heart I always find myself craving the therapeutic relaxation and refreshment of the great outdoors, but this way I can bring some of those positive vibes into my living space for less than a tenner. At the moment I'm thinking of buying an exotic palm or yucca plant to join my orchid and succulent terrarium and I'm also searching for an air plant for a D.I.Y project.
 Speaking of D.I.Y. - why not head to the beach and pick up a load of driftwood to create your own art installation? Smaller pieces would look great arranged around a vase and glued in place or you could arrange and drill pieces together to hang on a wall as a statement piece.

I hope this collage has given you come ideas and inspiration as well!