Little Easter Things

 Happy Easter Y'all! I hope you're having a lovely day with family or friends and enjoying the bank holiday weekend wherever you are!! Disclaimer: I may or may not have broken my pre-holiday detox and scoffed a whole load of praline and marzipan eggs, creme brulee chocs, coffee and walnut cake AND hot cross buns. Whoops. Silly me.


Touch of Spring

jacket - Sammydress // Shirt & Boots - Primark // Jeans and Bag - Topshop

Oh what a surprise...it's that Sammydress jacket again. I really need to start wearing something different! It was a bit of a windy day when I took these photos, hence the disheveled appearance, but then, that's pretty much a daily occurrence with me. I shamble from one disaster to the next!

So, what's everyone's plans for Easter? I've got Friday and Sunday off and then Monday I'm off to the Canary Islands for a week, so I'm trying to pack and shop for that, whilst getting everything tied up last minute.com. I still hope to have some Easter fun with the family though. I may be on a detox and trying not to touch chocolate but I won't let that stop me from partaking in Easter themed events! I'll just have to swap the chocolate eggs for real eggs. Let me know what you're up to, I'd love to hear what your idea of a fun bank holiday weekend is...


New In!

I've got big love for the post man today as he brought me this beauty from American Apparel! Gah! Isn't it gorgeous? £24 is usually a bit more than I'm prepared to pay for a little scrap of material, but when it's as pretty as this, well it would be rude not to buy it, wouldn't it?? I tried this one on in store in Manchester about a month ago and fell in love with it there and then, but I wasn't sure if I had enough to wear it with in my wardrobe to justify flashing the cash on it, so I waited til I got home and I did bide my time a bit, before totally giving in and getting it anyway! The tropical rainforest palm print is right up my street, it's going to look so good on holiday and in summer with ripped jean shorts or a black skirt, or mis-matched with another print - ooohhhh! the choices are endless! FYI this is my first ever American Apparel buy, and I got it in a medium as I didn't want it really tight and constricting, but it still fits perfectly. Now I'm wondering what else I can get in this wonderful print!


Wedding Fever

 I wanted to do something a bit different with this post and show you guys a bit of what I do when I'm not blogging! As I'm sure you're aware, wedding season is now officially among us and I'm sure you all have lots of weddings to attend this summer. Planning an outfit for each wedding is one thing (you want to look amazing - but not upstage the bride right?) but when it comes to buttonholes and corsages, so many just go for the easy option. I can't tell you the amount of people who walk into the florists and ask for the cheapest possible buttonhole (which as it happens is a boring white carnation). Where's the individuality, people?!

So with this in mind, and bearing in mind my absolute love for flowers and all things creative, I'm on a one-woman mission to show people that there is an alternative! All these designs I have made myself as part of my ongoing training in floristry and I loved being able to make something unique and a bit different, letting my creativity run wild. It beats a drab carnation buttonhole any day. Orchids and succulents were practically made for corsages as they're so long lasting, and yes they are a bit more expensive, but a well-made, unique corsage, hair slide, or handbag spray will make you stand out from the crowd and show off your style-setting credentials! It will only enhance your carefully styled outfit even more!

So the next time you attend a wedding or posh event, I urge you to think outside the box! Ask your local independent florist for something a bit different - you won't be disappointed!

What do you guys reckon? Do you like these designs or do you prefer something a bit more traditional?


Village Life

jacket - Sammydress // Shirt & Bag (customised) - H&M // Hat - New Look //
Shorts & Boots - Matalan

 I cannot actually believe it... but I've got the first inklings of a cold. Urgh! How could this happen? One week before my sunshine holiday. I'm going away so that I can get some rest and relaxation...the last thing I want is to be unwell for the duration of the trip! Just my luck. So I'm currently dosed up on as much cold & flu meds as I can handle and I'm hoping I can nip it in the bud. I've taken to my bed now as I've got no energy at all, but I did manage to sun myself in the garden for a couple of hours today (admittedly whilst wearing a parka coat - there's a blimmin' sneaky wind I tell you!). What a gorgeous day eh?! If it wasn't for the whole blustery wind thing, I'd probably be out in shorts and a vest sunbathing but as it is I've added a few freckles to my cheeks, so that's good enough for me!

Last night I went to a cosy little village pub for my best friends leaving-the-county party. I'm going to miss her gorgeous face loads! I now have hardly any friends left in the south-west. They all had the good sense to escape ages ago! I don't blame them...I'd love to try living in London for a summer, or make beautiful Bath my home. But it takes a lot of guts to uproot yourself and move away from everything you've ever known, especially on your own and when you have no self-belief. I always want to stay fairly close geographically to my family, as they mean so much to me, but I realise that I'm very lucky, as some people don't have that kind of safety net.

Anyway back to the outfit from last night...I went a bit bohemian to match the digs, so cut-offs, double denim and my favourite shaggy coat were totally called for. Hope you're all enjoying the sun where ever you are!


Little Things

A few pretty pictures of things I've been enjoying lately. Spring never ceases to amaze me. What was dull and dead now transforms and flourishes to life. It lifts the spirit to see daffodils, hyacinths, primulas and bluebells cropping up in little clusters. And it reminds us that Summer is just around the corner. What a happy thought.


Dash of Neon

 Jumper - Primark // Jeans and bag - Topshop // Trainers - Everlast

Hey! It's been a bit quiet round these parts recently because I'm currently in the process of finding somewhere new to live - so as you can imagine, all my spare time is spent hunting out potential new homes and trying not to be too picky. I think compromise is the key word here. A mansion with a swimming pool, stunning views and five bathrooms may be just a dream!!

I was feeling casual today so it was the perfect excuse to wear these trainers with a fuzzy jumper, jeans, and beanie hat. Throw in some neon accessories in the form of this H&M necklace and reflective sunnies and a Topshop bag to spice it up a bit. Et voila!